Accelerate your recovery and deal with pain better by utilising the incredible and innovative products of Incrediwear


When injury and pain prevent you from living your everyday life or playing the sport you love, you want to make sure you heal as fast as possible. Thanks to the revolutionary and innovative products of Incrediwear you can!


Whether you are recovering from a sprain, surgery or trying to deal with pain such as arthritis, carpal tunnel or neuropathy, they have a product that is made to help you. The designs are for both men and women and they even have a line of products for horses.


Incrediwear was established 10 years ago by Jackson Corley after a near-fatal cycling accident almost left him paralyzed for life. He envisioned a future where people could recover from their injuries faster and get back to their daily lives as well; which is how Incrediwear was born.


A world-renowned business, Incrediwear has received international acclaim for their products from countries such as Russia, Canada, The United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Columbia, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, South Africa and more!


Heal yourself with the power of Incrediwear


Incrediwear’s philosophy is built on effortless results. Their products ensure easy use, comfort, and scientifically validated as their ultimate goal is to ensure that all their customers are enabled to live the way they want as soon as possible and live incredibly in everything they do.


Their products help increase circulation in the body in order to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, optimize performance and help speed up your recovery. Increasing the circulation in the body helps speed up the body’s natural healing process, thus speeding up your recovery.


Other benefits of using Incrediwear products include reduced swelling, optimized performance, reduced fatigue and thermoregulation.


Their products are recommended by medical professionals and have been used by professional athletes and active people everywhere. The development of their products was based on research that was performed on sports, active lifestyle and orthopaedic industries.


How Incrediwear works


When the body is affected by a physical effect or injury, its natural response is to create inflammation, which is a defence mechanism. The immune system of your body recognises damaged cells, irritants and pathogens.


There are three stages of inflammation in the body; the first is the tissue where the injury is located becomes affected; the body then releases chemicals that work collectively in order to increase the permeability of your capillaries so that your blood flow increases towards the injured area.


Within 72 hours, the macrophages of the body that assist with the healing process arrive at the injury and remain for weeks after the injury.


Incrediwear utilises natural semiconductor elements, such as Carbon and/or Germanium, within the fabric of their products that release negative ions when stimulated by body heat. Negative ions activate molecular vibrations increase circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the area that has been affected.


The products of Incrediwear are natural, which means that you don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects that can be life-threatening when you use products such as NSAIDS or opioid-based prescription products.


Through studies conducted with renowned physicians, Incrediwear continues to develop innovative products that help relieve pain, optimize performance and accelerate your recovery.


Check out some testimonials of people who have tried and tested Incrediwear products:


“After injuring my calf with training that I could barely walk I got introduced to Incrediwear. After just two days of wearing the Calf Sleeve, the pain relief was mind-blowing and I was back to my training in no time!” – Mike Bothas, Crossfit Athlete.


“I am using an Incrediwear Knee Brace on both knees while skiing. We just ended our second day on snow at Mt. Hood and it’s been awesome. I’ve had no knee pain and the braces have helped a lot with allowing me to ski more than just a couple of runs as I progress into longer days and faster runs.” – Katie Ryan, US Ski Team.


Explore the wide range of Incrediwear products


Incrediwear has a product that can be used for most injuries, from hips to ankles and shoulders to wrists, they have something for you.


Performance products are perfect for athletes who want to push past their limits and redefine their best. Products such as the shoulder brace, arm sleeve and elbow sleeve can increase blood flow, provide support, reduce muscle fatigue, reduce pain and accelerate recovery of shoulder or elbow injuries.


Movement and mobility products are suited for those who want to live with pain-free mobility and enjoy activities such as yoga, a morning run and more. Products such as calf sleeves, knee sleeves and men’s and women’s performance pants can help optimize performance, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, and shin and knee related injuries.


Recovery products can help you make incredible progress during your recovery from a muscle-related injury. Hip braces, knee sleeves and shoulder braces were developed to accelerate recovery and provide support for hip, knee and shoulder-related injuries.


Incrediwear also has a range of products designed for horses and help them the same way their products help humans. Equine products range from circulation neck sleeves, exercise bandages, standing wraps, hoof socks and a calming saddle pad.


To find out more about Incrediwear, visit their online store today!